Senin, 21 November 2011

For photography project! yeay!! photoshoot!

Hello folks! assalamualaikum :D

Hufh, am so glad today. I can't access my blog lately because of my short term memory syndrome a.k.a PIKUN hehhe...

But i remember my email, pass and blog url this morning. Hehehe...

Okay, today i'll tell u a story about my last photography project! yay.. it was fun!!

That's me and my boyfriend, while the models doing some makeup.. we took a chance to take a picture of two of us. Moreover, this is the first picture with him since i wearing veil or Hijab.

Then i'll show you a picture that (i think) this picture is the best shot i ever taken when i take some of her picture.

She is my friend, Nanda. i asked her to be my model to beauty shot photography assignment. Yes, of course i prefer to take a women who wear hijab. not because am wearing hijab... But, i think... when i started to retouching the photo. a women who wear hijab is more easier to be edited than a women who don't. *cmiiw*

hehe... okay i think thats enough from me..
thanks 4 reading :D

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