Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Chiffon day

Assalamualaikum ladies....
yeay! another hijab random style *pfft
i got a fever last nite and today,
my nephews r going to dufan and got a freepass card for next 6months T__T soo envy

So, this is what i did on that envy moment :p
some randoms hijab style and i wore a chiffon drapery.

Am not really good at Turban style, but i tried my (not very) best.
on these pictures am not using a pin at all




Chiffon shawl : Al Halwah
Top : Jeans top (forgot where i bought that)
Inner Hijab : Ascarya Hijab (Rin Shoppe)
jeans pants : Giordano


Thanks for reading
i hope it wil inspiring you 

wassalam ;)

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