Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Yuna Zarai my Inspiration :D

Assalamualaikum Ladies!
Assalamualaikum all lovely readers!

Some of you might didn't know her...
But i think she kinda famous... well dunno... 
a great singer from Malaysia

She's more than inspiring women who just can sing very beautifully
She also wear hijab and that a PLUS score for her.

I fallin' love with her song for first time 
The first song that i listen to is "Terukir di Bintang"
I hear it on youtube...
I love her voice more and more after i heard another songs of her.


Well, my dream is be a singer...
But sometimes i think is that okay? If am wearing a hijab is that okay?
But, once again... God show me his kindness....
Allah SWT show me Yuna, a great singer and she wear hijab.

So, al-quran said
"So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?" - [ar-rahman]

Go... Reach your dream...
Mimpimu yang baik akan berakhir baik
Mimpimu yang melalui proses baik insya allah akan berakhir baik
Dan saat kau membawa tuhanmu dalam mimpimu
Insya allah semuanya akan berkah...


Let's starting over...
I had so many guilt on my past..
I had so many mistakes on my past...
But it doesn't matter...

Taubat & let's starting over together...
Let god guide us...


Thanks for reading!
Hope you enjoy it ;)


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  1. wow yuna i like her too ,,,love the style and her voice salam bloger

  2. yaaay! glad to know dat :D

    salam blogger juga :D

    tukeran follow yuk hhi