Minggu, 05 Februari 2012

Its Cloudy today!

Hi Ladies! 
I goes to Moshaict yesterday for Hijab Class
Not only Hijab Class... there was a beauty class too~
Yeah i felt so excited! Because i met so many girls whose sooooo beauty!
I wonder why they still apply to Hijab class =_=
But, it was fun! ^^

I got that Shawl from Kami Idea.
Okay, that a part of Hijab Class so i got that for free! yay!
I felt terrible when I tried to followed some of tutorial there =_=
But, when am going home and redo the tutorial again... 
It easier than i expected! YAY^^

If you like the Shawl, go to Moshaict or visit HijUp

I wear Pink Marocco Inner from My Online Store Rin Shoppe

Okay! That's all from me now^^
Thanks for reading my blog!
I hope you like it...


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